TRADING ENTERPRISES International Sales and Distribution offers a first-class, global network for the distribution of Health, Beauty and Cosmetics brands, primarily, and Retail Consumer Brands, secondarily.   in addition to ocated throughout the country servicing all accounts large and small. We service the Full Service Distributors, Re-Distributors, Nail Supplies, Ethnic Supplies, and OTC market in all regions.


UBU Holdings’ Trading Enterprises division was founded in 2005 in the Western United States. After building a strong international infrastructure of buyers (i.e., importer-distributors) in 66 countries, we continue to expand our business n into other markets, including the lucrative US market.  We strive to provide the best global coverage and customer service by always doing what is right for both of our partners:  our importer-distributors and our manufacturers.


Our buyers are “brand builders” who consist of national & international importers distributors who import, promote, market, sell and distribute branded products in their local country and/or territories.  


UBU Holdings’ Trading Enterprises Division focuses on the following distribution channels internationally:  Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Department Stores, Hypermarkets, Big Box Retail, Convenience and Mass Market Retail Chains. 


Sales Territories
Buyers: 66 National Importer-Distributors in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, the Caribbean and the Americas
Offices: Los Angeles – Atlanta – London, England --Nassau, Bahamas – Cairo, Egypt – Chandigarh, India -- Singapore